How to Reset the Mazda Service Light

Reset service light at gunther mazda

If you are interested in learning how to reset Mazda service light indicators, read on. We understand the sudden fear that takes over when a warning light populates, which is why we are here to offer our expertise. Contrary to popular belief, the “service now” light is not always an indicator of significant mechanical problems. Sometimes it’s as simple as a faulty sensor⁠. After a maintenance requests come to a close, it might take a few miles of driving before the service light indicator resets itself.

ASE certified professionals generally utilize diagnostic tools to reset the Mazda service light⁠—like fault code readers. To properly reset a Mazda service light, one must first have an understanding of why the light has populated in the first place. Knowing the initial cause will help car owners seek out multiple ways to turn the light off.

Whether the issue lies within wiring or a deep-rooted mechanical problem, our team of professionals can help you identify different ways to reset a service light. If flipping through your Mazda service manual sounds exhausting, sift through the guide below.

Reasons Why Your Mazda service Light Turned On

Before you find yourself knee-deep in a YouTube “How to Reset Service Light” videos, examine your vehicle and the reasons why the Mazda light might have turned on. There are plenty of mechanical issues that can cause the Mazda service light to populate, including faulty spark plugs and computer errors.

If your OEM part needs a replacement, specifically the catalytic converter, you will notice. What does the catalytic converter do? It’s a ceramic honeycomb part that is known for its exhaust emission control. Its job is to reduce toxic gases by converting them into less-toxic pollutants. Should something with the catalytic converter go amiss, the Mazda service light will populate.

If you follow the standard steps needed to turn off the service light on your Mazda without success, you should consider booking an appointment with your local service center.

How To Reset A Mazda Service Light

Without further ado, here’s how you reset the Mazda maintenance message without a fault code reader or a service reset tool:

  1. Place the key in the ignition and turn it to position one.
  2. Then, turn the trip computer to trip one.
  3. Put pressure on the trip computer while turning your key to position two and hold it.
  4. You’ll notice that the center arrow begins flashing red three times.
  5. By the third flash, you will let go and take note of an alert that you have just successfully reset the Mazda service light.

If the above method does not suffice, then it might be time to either employ our services or purchase a service reset tool with a car code reader.

You can buy a car code reader online through many automotive websites and even Amazon. Thanks to various technology feats, some of these code readers can even plug into your smart devices. You can also inquire about maintenance light reset services at our Mazda dealership.

When It’s Time to Schedule Mazda Service

If a specific light continues populating on your dashboard after you have successfully reset the Mazda service light, you may need to schedule a Mazda vehicle service appointment. Should your vehicle require a more in-depth solution, the highly-trained technicians at Gunther Mazda will have various service specials available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car code reader?

A car code reader, also referred to as a fault code reader, is a service tool used to read service codes.

How do I use a car code reader?

Connect a code reader to a diagnostic link connector and make sure that your Mazda vehicle’s engine is off. After you do this, turn your vehicle on and follow the required auto code reading steps, which are noted in the car code reader’s manual.

Do You Need a Code Reader to Reset the Service Light?

No. On a model designed before 1996, you can reset the service light by merely disconnecting the car battery. Some people also use the trip computer on the dashboard for Mazda service light resets.

What is the best diagnostic tool for Mazda vehicles?

The MaxiDAS DS708 is the best tool for Mazda models. If you are on the hunt for a premium diagnostic scanner that can provide on par functionality to the Mazda IDS scan tool, then MaxiDAS DS708 is the ideal choice.