Mazda Military Appreciation Bonus



Gunther Mazda would like to offer a salute to our fellow American soldiers in the form of a competitive Military Discount program. With this program, soldiers will be able to enjoy added savings on quality cars for sale, such as the new CX-5. If you’re interested in enjoying the added benefits that come with a Mazda Military Discount, contact our experts today. Expires 10/31/2019.

How it Works

Bring your qualifying paperwork into our Fort Lauderdale, Florida location and enjoy added savings with a $500 Military Cash Bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Only Military Members Who Qualify?

Actually, military members along with their spouses and children qualify for this exclusive Mazda military cash bonus offer.

Does This Offer Have to Be Used With an Auto Loan?

The following offer applies to both auto loans and lease offers. We invite you to explore the latest Mazda lease deals today, so you can get a feel for what model interests you.

Does The Mazda Military Cash Back Offer Only Apply to New Vehicles?

Under the current Military cash offer, drivers can put the $500 towards a lease or purchase of either a 2018 or 2019 model year vehicle. Even 2020 vehicles apply to this offer.

Do Veterans Qualify?

The Mazda Military Bonus applies to veterans and retirees within 2 years of service.

What Branches Can Apply This Offer?

Army, Air Force, Marines, Nagy, National Guard or Coast Guard members/veterans can use this offer. The spouse and children are eligible to use the offer as well, but must live at the same address.