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    Buying a certified used car isn’t an experience that should come with any questions or complexities. At Gunther Mazda, it doesn’t! We understand that there are many great and admirable reasons that people would want to go with certified pre-owned cars instead of new ones (and maybe even instead of used ones, at that). That’s why we make the process easy. As they say, life can get complicated; but, buying certified pre-owned vehicles here in South Florida doesn’t have to be!

    Used vs. CPO

    So, what is the difference between our used cars for sale and our CPO cars for sale? Let’s go through some of the nuances.

    Unlike used cars, certified pre-owned cars:

    • Come with mileage limits
    • Undergo an OEM-certified, 160-point inspection
    • Sometimes include an OEM-backed warranty

    Additionally, you’ll find other notable benefits that come with buying a certified pre-owned MAZDA from us. For starters, certified pre-owned cars are still, in fact, used vehicles. So, they’ll come at a lower cost than a brand new car. This is a great way to get quality vehicles without spending an extra penny for the “new” label in the window.

    If you have a warranty on your certified pre-owned SUV or other model, you can also get Mazda service at any Mazda dealer and keep your warranty in-tact. So, if you’ve gone out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, for the weekend and run into an issue with your CPO vehicle, you can visit any certified Mazda dealership for a fix that keeps the warranty in place.

    CPO Vehicles We Offer

    If you’ve seen it in the MAZDA lineup, we’ve seen it on our lot as a CPO vehicle. When people lease a MAZDA, they, naturally, return it at the end of their lease. At that point, it is officially pre-owned. So, after we do our certified inspection, reconditioning, and any necessary service, we put the vehicle in our CPO lot. That’s where a large majority of our CPO vehicles come from: lease returns. As you’ve likely seen, our most popular certified pre-owned cars are:

    • Mazda3 Touring
    • Mazda CX-5 Touring
    • Mazda6 Touring
    • Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring
    • Mazda CX-9 Touring

    Suffice to say, people really love Touring trims across the MAZDA lineup. Something else that our shoppers love is that we offer a free CARFAX report that you can access with a single click below the image of your favorite CPO vehicle right on this page. You will be able to check the warranty status and a full, detailed history report (including title & ownership history, mileage, and more).

    Shop CPO at Gunther MAZDA

    Pre-owned cars don’t always get the love they deserve, but when they end up at Gunther Mazda, they definitely do. Shop certified pre-owned cars with us, and you’ll get the service that you deserve from a car dealer. At Gunther Mazda, the service is always exceptional, and the cars are extraordinary, be they used, new, or CPO. Come see for yourself!

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