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Has your Mazda service light come on? No worries! That orange wrench probably means that it’s just time for a Genuine Mazda oil change. Let us help you keep your warranty in force with Genuine Mazda parts and supplies. Beware the quick oil change shops that use inferior parts. They use materials that will deteriorate faster than you can say, “Holy Hurricane in North Miami!” This will leave you with costly repairs, and it’s never worth it in the end. Download our Mazda oil change coupon and get it done right! Scroll below to learn a little more about how we work and the advantages of just simply Going Gunther.

Your Mazda Oil Change & More

Did you know that any of the Mazda vehicles you’re driving are built on the success of racing championships? Mazda engines are high-revving performance engines built to live life to the fullest well beyond 3,000 RPM. That’s a lot of performance. Without correct lubrication, that’s also a lot of room for mishaps. Let’s see how our Mazda oil change specialists keep you going strong:

  • Synthetic Oil Change Service: Synthetic oil is made in the lab. As such, it’s cleaner and longer-lasting. So if you need a Mazda3 oil change because you’ve been driving like the Monday morning action hero that you are, come and see us. Keep in mind that all new Mazda vehicles, like the Mazda CX-9, also require synthetic oil.
  • Conventional Oil Change Service: Older Mazda vehicles will require conventional oil. While synthetic oil may be ideal, conventional oil resists leaks in older engine seals such as front & rear main seals, sumps, and valve covers. If you drive a new Mazda CX-5, conventional oil isn’t necessary.
  • Mazda Transmission Oil Service: Our special blend of long-life transmission oil is designed to go the distance and withstand a lot of punishment. However, if you’ve recently taken your Mazda CX-30 through some deep water, you might want to consider a quick flush and refill. Water ingress is one of the fastest ways for transmission fluid (and brake fluid) to break down.
  • Multi-Point Inspections: This is hands down one of the most comprehensive and cost-saving services that we offer. Our techs can spot future problems well before they become trouble. If you’ve enjoyed cruising the streets of Fort Lauderdale, FL, in your Mazda CX-30, come and see us. Let’s get ahead of all that high-revving fun.
  • Tire Service: If you’ve come in for your scheduled Mazda6 oil change, we’ll take a quick peek at your tires. The South Florida heat can do a number on your rubber. We’ll let you know if you could benefit from new Mazda tires.

No matter what your service needs are, a quick inspection during your Mazda oil change will allow our specialists to tell you about things you’d want to know about so you can enjoy your performance-built Mazda vehicle for many reliable years to come.

Mazda Oil Filter

After our service technicians perform a Mazda oil change, they will install a new genuine OEM oil filter. The motor oil in your vehicle lubricates moving metal parts and helps to keep the engine cool, but it also helps remove any bits of dirt, debris, or metal flakes from the engine compartment.

As the oil is pumped through the engine, it passes through an oil filter. The oil filter cleans the oil as it continues through the engine. After a Mazda oil change, leaving a dirty oil filter on your engine wouldn’t make much sense. That’s why a filter change is included with every oil change.

Mazda Oil Filter for Sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you like to tackle your car’s oil changes yourself and know the Mazda oil type that’s best for your vehicle, you might be wondering what Mazda CX-5 oil filter to use. If that’s the case, our parts department is here to help you order new auto parts online and make sure you get the Mazda3 oil filter you need for your particular model year and trim style. Please give us a call if you need any help finding the right Mazda oil filter.

Gunther Mazda Helps You Save

Whether you lease a Mazda from us or have moved down here with a Mazda vehicle that you’ve gotten somewhere else, we’re still your service home away from home. We’ve got plenty of oil change deals and service packages that are designed to keep more money in your pocket as you service with us over time. Ask your service advisor about all of the ways we can help you save and enjoy your Mazda with total confidence.

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