Professional Oil Change Services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Oil change at gunther mazda

Your oil change service is an essential routine maintenance request. If you’re thinking about skipping your next oil change due to finances, browse our range of Mazda service specials first. We rotate the specials on premium Mazda service options so that everyone can access the quality auto care that they desire. It never hurts to check for Mazda oil change coupons.

What Are the Benefits of Keeping up with Oil Changes?

Routine oil changes have plenty of benefits. Under your hood, there are tons of moving Mazda parts. They are all working to keep your Mazda vehicle performing. To minimize wear, these parts need lubrication. If you keep up with your oil changes, you will notice the following benefits:

  • Improved fuel consumption ratings
  • Engine components will remain cool
  • Excess sludge and particles will be removed from your engine
  • Longevity and performance will be promoted

Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Motor Oil

If you’ve decided to schedule your Mazda oil change, you will have to choose between oil grades. When examining the differences between synthetic oil versus conventional motor oil, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, synthetic oil offers fewer impurities, which means that it lasts longer. This means that with synthetic oil, you’ll visit our Mazda service center less than you would if you had a conventional grade.

Synthetic oil also functions well during extreme weather conditions, which means it will last through South Florida summers. If you choose conventional motor oil, you might notice slower engine start times in comparison to synthetic oil grades. Conventional oil also calls for frequent intervals between changes, which is inconvenient.

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We encourage drivers from North Miami, FL, to visit our convenient location for oil change services and more. Our Mazda service team can provide you with a quick oil change, a new set of tires, and a new parts order⁠—all in one go. All you have to do to access great service is show up! We look forward to seeing you here at Gunther Mazda.