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How Much Would Drivers Pay For Premium Parking Spots?

Prime Parking Spots

Have you ever done some laps around your friend’s apartment or neighborhood while searching for prime parking spots? You’re far from the only one struggling to find parking right now. In fact, some estimate that the average motorist spends around 30 to 45 minutes just looking for parking in American cities. Read through our guide to discovering prime parking spots in some of the toughest cities to park in stateside.

East Coast Premium Parking Spots

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but prime parking spots cost a pretty penny on the east coast. Run through a quick review of expensive parking cities, and you’re sure to see New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. on the list. Midtown Manhattan stands out as one of the worst places to drive in all of the United States.

Given that it is so frustrating to drive in these places, east coast cities can be a challenge for finding parking spots, too. The average monthly parking cost of a private spot can be over $1000, especially if you’re looking for covered parking. Hourly rates in New York City are often sky-high as well. The thought of paying $27 an hour might be unfathomable in some places, but it’s unfortunately normal in super populous east coast locations.

Park your new Mazda CX-30 for an average rate of around $26 per day in Philadelphia. Parking spots are a challenge in the “city of brotherly love.” A lot of the city’s public parking spots happen to be located in expensive neighborhoods.

West Coast Prime Parking Spots

Head on out to the west coast in your new Mazda CX-5, and you’ll run into skyrocketing parking costs, too. Unlike some east coast locals, walking is a tough task in a city like San Francisco. The hilly and uneven streets don’t exactly encourage you to bike or walk.

Look for premium parking spots in the city where you can stow your car away safely. If you opt to go for public parking and live in the city, getting a public parking pass is essential. Skip past the constant drain of avoiding the parking ticket police and breathe easy when you have a past.

Other places out west that make it challenging to park your new Mazda CX-90 include Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles. The best part of parking in LA, as the locals say, is that you’re no longer driving in LA.

Compete for Parking Spots in These Cities

Competing for parking spots and trying to avoid increasing costs can strike anywhere. Take Minnesota, for example. Minneapolis is a far cry from massive metropolises like Los Angeles and Manhattan, but daily parking costs can still hurt your wallet. Drivers pay up to $40 to park for a day in the twin cities. However, downtown Minneapolis is much easier to walk than the cities mentioned above. Park where you find a good rate and walk over to your destination without worry.

Sometimes, prime parking spots are par for the course. When you’re in a place like Honolulu, HI, every parking spot comes at a premium. Individual parking spots can cost over $3,000 per year in Hawaii. If you want to drive around the island, be prepared for it to cost a pretty penny.

Wherever you drive, parking an innovative and impressive vehicle like the new Mazda CX-50 can be a breeze. This car’s safety systems will help you navigate directions and reach your destination with ease. We look forward to hearing all about your travels near and far in one of our adaptable Mazda models. Visit our Mazda dealer near you and take on that road trip you’ve been waiting for.


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